BT order 19 January

Dear Ms Parnin,

Thanks for choosing BT broadband for your business. You’ve just picked a great-value service, from the UK’s biggest, most trusted provider – one with 99.9% network reliability and who’ll be there for you if things don’t go completely according to plan.

Your order number is: BOS 14207703. (You can use it to track your order online.)

So, here’s what you ordered: BT Business Total Broadband – Advance ADSL2 Next Gen (up to 20Mb) on a 24-month Minimum Period. (If you end your contract within your Minimum Period, you’ll be liable for charges for the rest of the term.)

See the terms and conditions for BT Business Broadband Access Service that apply to your broadband service. If you’re including your broadband service in a Calls and Lines Package such as BT Business One Plan or BT Business Complete, separate terms and conditions for the relevant Calls and Lines Package also apply.

The plan is to get you up and running on 01223324258 by midnight on 08/02/2013. We’ve got a few line checks to do, so this might change. If so, we’ll let you know.

Please note that your telephone number might change, depending on your provider. So it’s a good idea to wait until the number is working before publicising it.

Your broadband service will go in at the same time as your new telephone line (your telephone provider should contact you about this). Which means that if the date for installing your telephone line changes, so will your broadband activation date.

Here’s most of the info you need to get set up. (We’ll send your passwords in another email, just to be on the safe side.)

Your network login username (for the first time you connect to your new broadband):xxxxx

BT Business account and BT Wi-fi username: xxxxxxx

Your broadband comes with unlimited wi-fi access at BT Wi-fi (was BT Openzone) hotspots. You’ll need your username (above) and password (in our next email).

And don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to set it all up. We’ll explain everything in your Welcome Pack, but please don’t try and install anything until your broadband service is activated.

Please file this email somewhere safe as you’ll need these details in the future.

More about your order

BT Business Total Broadband Advance comes with a host of valuable extra services:

  • 24/7 freephone access to our dedicated technical support team
  • Prompt Care Customer Service Guarantee scheme – report a broadband fault (Mondays to Saturdays) and we’ll fix it before the end of the next working day; if we don’t, claim £25 off your rental. (See terms and conditions)
  • wireless broadband for your customers – your BT Business Hub comes already set up as a BT Wi-fi hotspot (was BT Openzone)
  • 50MB of web space and 10 email accounts
  • 12 months’ inclusive number rental for an 0800 or 0844 number with BT’s Inbound Contact UK service. (See terms and conditions)
  • up to 50GB usage limit (including uploads and downloads) each month
  • BT Business Broadband Desktop Help to help you diagnose and fix broadband connection problems

You’ll need to activate some of your extra services.

Your equipment

The equipment you have ordered from us will be delivered between 7.30am and 5.30pm, one working day before your activation date – you’ll need to sign for it. If you aren’t in, they’ll leave a card so you can rearrange the delivery.

Your new hub will be our latest BT Business Hub 3. It comes already set up with BT Wi-fi (was BT Openzone), uses the latest wireless technology and has an in-built connection problem solver. So you and your customers can benefit from secure internet access with faster wireless speeds and even better wireless coverage. It’s quick and easy to get started, and the hub’s Power Save mode helps you save energy too. Note: to use BT Business Broadband Voice (VoIP) with your Hub 3, you’ll need a BT Falcon IP Phone (standard phones won’t work).

When you first access the Hub Manager for your Hub 3, you’ll be asked to change the password – we recommend that you use a random mix of letters, numbers and symbols plus a mix of upper and lower case letters.

If you’d prefer to use a modem, router or hub that isn’t one of ours, please check that it works with BT Business Total Broadband. Or have a word with the people who made or sold it.

One last thing

Please don’t buy any extra equipment or software until we’ve successfully completed the changeover to your new service.

It’s good to have you with us.

Best wishes,

Graham Sutherland
Managing Director BT Business