Blue Badge Style Founder Opens Disabled Toilet at La Maison du Steak

Fiona Jarvis believes the inclusion of facilities for the disabled in stylish venues should be celebrated. Franck Parnin, award-winning owner of La Maison Du Steak has included a state-of-the-art disabled toilet close to the restaurant and easy access through the main entrance. Fiona Jarvis was unable to visit his previous restaurant because of the lack of access and so is delighted to be opening the disabled facilities at La Maison Du Steak.

“La Maison du Steak is a brilliant example of a stylish restaurant which caters for people with mobility issues, who also want to go out and have a good time. It’s about time Cambridge had some stylish restaurants with facilities for people with mobility difficulties,” commented Fiona Jarvis, founder of Blue Badge Style. “I’ve struggled to find a well-designed loo and clear access to a restaurant, which are important for disabled people, like anyone, in order to really enjoy a night out. And I’m a firm believer that disability need not stop you from enjoying the good things in life!”.

Franck Parnin explained “We wanted to be able to offer the same experience to everyone who visits La Maison Du Steak and make sure that the able and less-able, locals as well as visitors to our fine town could all access our restaurant with ease, and eat our amazing steak!”.

Blue Badge Style will also be creating a creating a Pictorial Access Description for the restaurant’s website. Fiona explains, “People with mobility issues want to be able to see the layout of a venue and find out about facilities before they arrive. Restaurants have often made significant investments in creating a stylish and accessible place for disabled people, but too often the information is buried. Pictorial Access Descriptions are not just about access compliance, but demonstrating the cool, comfortable facilities, via a button on the venue’s website”. She continued, “hopefully other restaurant’s in Cambridge will pick up on La Maison du Steak’s lead. If Hampton Court Palace can have disabled access and facilities, then any venue ought to be able to include them.

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