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Finally we are (really) connected

153 days after our supposed connection date of 8 February 2013

IMG_4848We are now finally connected with our sales order closed! On thursday we had a brief glimpse of the connected world but this was cruelly sabotaged the next day by someone at Openreach swopping our line in the exchange frame to a different number. Today, at last, the Openreach engineer phoned to say that he had re-connected us back to our proper 01223 324258 number. No explanations allowed, his lips are closed by the Chinese Wall separating OpenReach from BT.

Here is the past few weeks saga:

  • 21st June Engineer fitting internal outlet box
  • 24th June Email from BT saying system operational on 01223 324258
  • 1 July tried connecting broadband etc but business hub not supplied with cables or filters. Internal box not provisioned for broadband. Phoned BT.
  • 3 July cables arrive with a second business hub!
  • 4 July Connected up and all worked beautifully on 01223 324258.
  • 5 July broadband failed and found from angry customers that number was crossed to a different number (354935) ,
  • 6 July rang BT to be told as order was still open so she couldn’t register a fault, also it was a weekend so nothing could be done try again Monday!
  • 8 July The charming Steve in Norwich issued a fault number 78172536914 line would definitely be back by 6pm tomorrow.
  • 9 July Matt in Norwich says fault request went into a ‘black hole’ totally puzzled issued a new fault number 78243366154. Definitely be fixed by tomorrow!
  • 10 July Patience running low I speak to Matt in Norwich he now suggests I need sales! 30 minutes of hanging on I’m put through to Roy in sales where I had to repeat the whole saga again, he then puts me on hold after 20 minutes I hang up and call faults again, this time Justin answers and instantly puts me through to Danielle in Norwich sales. She cannot understand what is going on with the tech guys it clearly isn’t a sales problem, she will go over and sort them out. I’m then transferred to Sue in faults who says that Karen in their Plymouth (Openreach?) office will call me back. Amazingly Karen phoned back to say an engineer would be there the next day. At last someone who understands.
  • 11 July a real live Openreach engineer phones 🙂 he heads to the exchange and the problem is solved on the frame in about 1 hour

Truly amazing how shockingly incompetent the whole BT system is. Although it is equally disconcerting how Openreach can rather randomly move connections around on the exchange frame without checking on the consequences of their actions.

& just to confuse us more it turns out, after a call to our friendly engineer,  we were sold “featureline” which means to make a call all numbers need a 9 prefix 🙁